How dirty hair affects your skin

Has a busy schedule caused you to be a little chill about your hair care…a little too chill, perhaps? Did you know that oily hair = oily skin? And that dirty hair can lead to dirty skin? And we all know what dirty skin means: BREAK OUTS!

So read on to see how looking after your hair (what’s better than smooth, fresh smelling locks anyways?) is an easy way to care for your skin, too!

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, you probably also have oily hair. Have you ever gone for a few days longer than you should have without washing your hair, and noticed how your skin DIDN’T thank you for it? If anything, it may have just become oilier and more acne prone. Just like cleansing your face removes dirt, oil and all the unwanted yuck, so does washing your hair. Do you tie up your hair to keep it out of your face anyways? Microbes, dirt, oils, sweat and dead cells can still end up on your face from your hair, blocking your pores and irritating your skin (yikes!).


The low down: Acne-prone skin can be caused by too much of natural oil secretion, called sebum. Sebum and dead skin cells clog pores which causes pimples. Oils from hair and oils from skin can both aggravate acne and the easy solution: wash your hair often and keep it off your face (besides, we want to see it anyways!).

As you probably figured, hair and skin can make a problematic couple. When you have bangs, the natural oils from your hair irritates your skin which can cause breakouts, too. Avoid getting hair products on your skin as they can easily clog the skin’s pores and simply wash your face if they do come into contact with one another.

A proper skincare routine coupled with daily shampooing will prevent breakouts. Pay attention to when you wash your hair. We recommend washing your hair before your bed because when you sleep you don’t have control of where your hair goes. The Golden Rule? Shampoo first, then cleanse your face and finally wash the rest of your body. This is all so simple, yet so often overlooked!

So, at this point you’re probably not even reading this anymore. Go lather on that shampoo, cleanse your face and your skin will thank you later!

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