What can I do for chapped dry lips?


Lip balm will help to moisturise and comfort dry, cracked, chapped and tired lips. It also helps to prevent you from licking your lips (which ultimately just dries them out more). Soft, velvet, kissable lips are just one swipe away with the right lip balm.


Apply a thick layer of lip balm in the evening before you go to bed for intensive moisturisation. Your luscious lips will thank you in the morning! The ideal lip balm should not be sticky and should provide the same smooth texture every time you apply it.

Smooth Operator – Lip Balm
A unisex lip balm to seal moisture in lips and protect them from external exposure. Dry air, cold temperatures, sun and wind have a drying effect on our lips. A lip balm shields your lips from these elements and ensures that they remain kissable throughout the day.

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