why Rites Skin Solution?

It has been a passion of ours to help tweens and teens understand their skin. We have worked closely with a doctor to create a safe and effective range to help with the nuances of tricky skins. We want tweens and teens to know that it’s okay to have a pimple, that the world is not perfect and that photo shopping images and filters is not what life is all about.

Most times skin issues are related to diet, hygiene, emotions and internal body changes that manifest into skin issues. Harsh treatments and corrective drugs are not necessarily the route to follow – although everything has a place and a time, we just ask that you make a judgement call based on honest information and not because you want a ‘quick fix’ (sometimes we have to have a lil’ patience).

Life is a journey, sometimes you go through rough patches and sometimes it is smooth sailing – a few spots on your face is okay, it means that your body is working properly and pushing out what it doesn’t need, so it’s not optimum to suppress it’s natural process as whatever is suppressed is still there – waiting to come out!

Our biggest concern is that we are all looking for instant results and it saddens us that we block natural flows and processes. We can’t run when we are born, we have to learn to sit, then stand, then walk, then run – if you speed up this process then you bones and muscles won’t develop correctly and you will develop other problems with posture and health – why not look at your skin in the same way – it’s a process, we are all awesome works in progress the process. It’s all good, nature knows what to do – so give you skin the best canvas that you can and then let it do what it needs to do without too much outside interference.

the Rites Skin Solution story

The whole idea of RITES was to create a range that is fun (who doesn’t like an instant foamy face wash!?) and practical to use… and let’s not forget affordable and you can find us online too. Now it’s so easy to have a routine that helps you glow up!

The range is small, and it is just what you need to take care of your skin.
So we decided on…