Xhosa theatre-maker fascinated with retro-African art, fashion, style, beauty, and ways of being, the RITE way!

Life Lessons
What lessons you have learned so far, and how have these lessons helped you achieve your goals?

I’ve come to learn that everything has its time, and that has taught me to be more patient with myself, especially when it comes to the ways in which I go about achieving my goals.

Do you have a favourite quote or motto that you live by?

It’s neither, its two of my favourite statements put together. It goes: “React to necessities, control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.”

What advice can you give to help others become the best person they can be?

Take note of everything that’s happening around you right now, good or bad. It’s not for nothing, it’ll make sense in the long run. Experience everything and take your time while you’re at it.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I’m a theatre kid so I enjoy directing and acting • Absolutely love watching theatre as well • Pizza and ice cream night with my friends • I watch Nollywood movies religiously