Reading her Love Language

Hey hey it’s almost Mother’s Day! In case you forgot, it’s THIS WEEK SUNDAY!

Make your momma feel extra special this weekend with some much-needed TLC. Moms do so much for us, how do we even begin to thank them for it? We’re thinking home-made treats, mani-pedis and personalised gift vouchers. Earth AND budget friendly gifts for mom? Yes please!

So, what’s a Love Language?

Love Languages are the way you express your love, or the way you read and understand love. Some people don’t care about gifts, but you’ll find that others do. Some people feel loved when you make the effort to spend time with them. Some people enjoy hugging and physical touch. Read your mom’s Love Language and choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her!

The Love Languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation
    Expressing love through words. It can be compliments, words of encouragement or a simple “I love you”.
  2. Gift Giving
    Some people show or receive their love by giving and receiving gifts. Often it doesn’t need to be fancy, but thoughtful.
  3. Acts of Service
    This includes doing favours or helping out the person you love.
  4. Quality Time
    For some, making the effort to set aside time to spend with them means the world.
  5. Physical Touch
    Personally, I reserve my cuddles for my furry friends, but some people go mad for an old-fashioned hug. It gets a bit awkward as you get older to be holding your mom’s hand… but don’t worry, we’ve got other ways you can express your love to her if her love language is physical touch.

The gifts? Let’s get started!

Wakey-wakey eggs and bakey

Treat your mom to her favourite breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love eating a good meal while they’re snug-as-a-bug? Plus, you’ll probably have all the ingredients you need in the pantry. You won’t have to break the bank for this one. Nice!

If your mom has got a sweet-tooth – these simple pancake recipes will be perfect for her. Put blueberry, red-velvet or Nutella pancakes on the menu. Yum!

This is perfect for your mom if her Love Language is Acts of Service.


Flowers are an easy one. Go to a local florist where it’s more affordable than large chain stores or simply pick a couple from your garden! Make sure to throw some greenery in there to full up the vase. An old jar or pretty used glass bottle work wonders as a crafty-looking vase. This is perfect for a mom who enjoys receiving gifts.

Personalised Gift Vouchers

This is an easy one and fun if you get creative with it, too! Fold an A4 Paper into 3 different equal sections (from the bottom up), take note of the dents in the paper and snip along those lines with some scissors. Get a pretty pen, write out your mom’s name in the top left corner and get cracking!

Some ideas for the gift vouchers:

  • You can give her a voucher for a foot massage.
  • A voucher to help her clean the house, or kitchen, or whatever place gets a little messy!
  • A voucher for a picnic or a sunset walk.
  • And whatever else you think she would like.

The beauty of these is that she can keep the and use them as she pleases.

This is great if her Love Language is Acts of Service AND Quality Time.


Cards can be pricey, but if you’re feeling up to it, making your own card is easy-peasy.

Photos as Cards

These days, printed photos are a novelty. Print photos of your mom’s favourite memories and write descriptions on the back of them. She can use these as book marks, stick them up or browse through them when she wants a little-pick-me-up.

Origami Card

Origami is the therapeutic art of paper-folding. Check out this video for a funky DIY Mother’s Day gift.

Pressed Flower Card

Flower pressing is fun and easy! Cut some pretty paper to size and use woodglue or mod-podge from your local craft store to seal your flowers to your card.

Don’t know how to press flowers? This video explains it in seconds!

For a mom who feels loved by words, this is great. Affirm how wonderful she has been to you and watch how she glows throughout the day.

An experience rather than THINGS

If you feel like giving your mom the ultimate treat, contact a salon and book her a mani-pedi or a massage for the day.

If her love language is physical touch, getting her pampered will definitely hit the spot!

Salons we recommend:


  • Toast & Co in Craighall & Birdhaven
  • YouBar in the Thrupps Centre
  • Aura Skin Care in Parkhurst
  • Suntori Bryanston
  • SkinSight Waverley
  • Synergy Linden
  • Zwotenda Menlyn on Maine
  • Trouvaille Midfield Centurion
  • Spa de la Veille Centurion

Western Cape

  • Babylonstoren Paarl
  • Fresh Wellness in Constantia
  • Steenberg Spa
  • Mai Thai Wellness de Waterkant
  • McQueens SeaPoint
  • Meraki Waterfront
  • The Old Rectory in Plett
  • Fresh Wellness in Plett
  • Bliss Hermanus

Remember that you can use what you learn about Love Languages to help you understand the workings of all your close relationships. Have fun getting crafty this Mother’s Day!

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