Travelling Tips for Teens

Wanderlust: the wish to travel far away and to many different places.

When I was 16, I visited an aunt in Tanzania. Needless to say, I was bitten by the travel-bug there and then. Learning about the culture and history of a place by physically being there made me feel alive.

Travelling changed the way I view the world. I realised how stuck we get in our daily life; how “normal” things can become. The best part? When I got home: BOOM! I had fresh eyes. I could appreciate my own home because I was seeing it in a different way. I recommend that any person, young or old, travel should the opportunity arise.

Travelling can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. Also, those dreamy, perfect getaway holiday scenes you see on the internet? Not always the case. If anything, “the expectation vs. reality” I experienced in many of my trips made me straight up laugh! Travelling is tough. But, with a few pointers, you can avoid mishaps that will make your trip totally worth it.

Travelling Tips for Teens

Planning your trip

Research is your friend.

  • Know what you’re getting into. Be as organised as you can, and then be adaptable, too.
  • Read up on the history of where you are going. This allows you to really appreciate the place you’re visiting.
  • Learn a couple phrases in the local languages, too.


  • Get a trusted adult to help you draw up a saving and spending plan.
  • Try and keep track of what you spend your cash on.
  • We recommend downloading the iSaveMoney app to track your budget as you go.
  • If currencies are confusing you, you can get a currency converter on your phone too!

Visas and documents

  • Keep these on you AND keep certified copies in your backpack should anything happen to your original docs.


  • Pack light!
  • ROLL (don’t fold) your clothes – they fit into your suitcase easier!
  • Shoes are HEAVY! Be mindful of the shoes you pack.
  • Be versatile. Pack dark clothes that don’t show dirt easily.
  • Pack along some washing powder in case you have to re-wear clothes.
  • Pack less and leave space for gifts, purchases and mementoes.


  • Pack along a first aid kit with plasters and other meds for on the go.
  • Your body won’t be used to the food there and travelling can be exhausting. Make sure you’re prepared should your immune system take a hit.
  • Our tip: start taking your RITES vitality champion vita skin capsules at least two weeks before you leave.


  • Bring along a powerbank and travel adapters for plugs.
  • A separate, smaller bag for your washing.

Travelling Tips for Teens

Cell Phone

You can get a special sim card for travelling. If you don’t want to do this, you can use the WiFi where you’re staying, at the airport or at a nearby café and download the directions to use when you’re offline. This is super helpful, as finding your way around a foreign city can be confusing.

Take photos – but remember to LOOK, LIVE and EXPERIENCE the place you’re visiting.

Site Seeing

Have respect for the cultures and traditions of the place you’re visiting. When visiting religious sites, you often have to cover your shoulders or wear pants that go below the knee. Be respectful of how other people live and remember: you’re in their country and home. Be tolerant. Be kind. Be open, accepting and ready to learn.


Be discerning. Tourist sites are a hunting ground for pickpockets. Keep your bags zipped and your valuables in a safe place. A great way to keep things safe is to use a fanny-pack. They’ve made a comeback and they’re handy, too.


Fuel your body. It can be easy to fall into ‘holiday mode’ and indulge on a whole bunch of junk food, but your body will need to be hydrated and well-fed.


The stresses of travelling, combined with foreign food, pollutants and germs can take a toll on your skin.

Our suggestion: Keep your RITES fresh crusader toner face wipes, your RITES smooth operator lip balm and your RITES control freak spf30 moisturiser in your day bag to keep your skin happy on-the-go.

If travel stress results in a pimple or two, dab on some of our RITES disappearing act spot control gel and let it do its thing.

Remember to keep your skin care routine constant to avoid breakouts.

Travelling Tips for Teens

A final word: travelling is expensive

But there are ways around it. Look into exchange programs and school tours which you can fundraise for. It really is possible. Keep planning, saving, doing and dreaming. When you do get to the travel the world – it’ll be so worth it!

Bon Voyage!

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