The RITE way!

We get the lowdown on the RITES Skin Solution story straight from the product founder, Renate Klass…

What inspired you to create RITES?

I want kids to feel safe. The world is hard and fast, very critical and seemingly perfect – which it’s not. I need to give kids, and their parents, a platform that is safe. Our journals are there to help and guide, it’s not only about skin care, it’s about life skills too. I want teens to have a quiet confidence and I want them to stand up tall.

Our faces are the first things people see and the first thing that we see when we look in a mirror. So I decided to start with skin care. Our range is small, effective and ethical. I have dotted every i and crossed every t and am very proud of our range.

Spots are okay and there definitely is a time and place for medical solutions – but I would love to see kids looking at other solutions first – lifestyle, diet, exercise, hygiene & good thoughts.

I assume you saw a gap in the market for a locally developed tween/teen skincare brand?

Available teen skincare seems to me to be an afterthought, an add on to an existing range – or teens were told to use the sensitive or purifying ranges of adult ranges. I believe that kids are special and need their own identity.

When did you start developing the range?

I have been talking about this from 2012 – and started putting my ideas to work in January 2018.

How did you go about the development process and the formulating of the products?

I worked closely with a doctor who had acne as a kid and who understood exactly what I wanted. Because the range is for teens, I seconded my niece who is now 19 to advise us through all avenues and processes of the product. We didn’t always agree and she turned her nose up at some of my ideas, even giggled when I voiced them, however; I stepped back and let her make all the decisions. She is responsible for the look, feel and scent of the products, the design of the packaging and the rules for our website & social media. We worked closely with an agency who took her brief seriously and I respect them enormously for giving a ‘teen’ this opportunity.

Are your ingredients locally sourced?

The majority of ingredients are imported by local suppliers.

Are the products locally manufactured and packaged?

100% locally manufactured and packaged!

It says on your website that the products are dermatologically tested – please elaborate. (Were the products tested by dermatologists?)

We have a Dermatologist endorsement for the products. This was done before the brand name and product names were decided on.

Can you comment on any ingredients? (I assume because the products are targeted at young skin that harsh ingredients are avoided – is that correct?)

You are correct:

Are the products available in salons?

About 6 of our clients are stocking RITES, not bad seeing as it was only recently launched!!! I couldn’t wait to get it out so put pressure on everyone to get the website done in record time.

I note that the prices of your products are very affordable. Please comment.

Part of my passion, I wanted a product that looked and felt expensive so that the affluent market would want the product, but I needed the price to be discerning so that a large segment of our market could afford it. Bottom line, there’s a bigger picture here, it’s about passion and helping our teens gain confidence in themselves.

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