Preparing your Skin for your Matric Dance

7 tips for flawless skin:

Okay, so you’ve spent months preparing for your Big Day. Your matric dance is coming up and you finally get to celebrate! What does this mean – other than the stress of finding a dress or suit, a date… it means that there will be TONS of photographs – and ladies and gents – you want to look back at these memories, feeling confident, proud and blemish free. We don’t need a pimple or two making you feel self-conscious and ruining your Big Day. Don’t stress though, we’ve got some tips for you to keep that shine at a minimal and keep zits (those pesky intruders) at bay.

Preparation is key

Remember that what you put in your body shows. A week before your matric dance, start taking your RITES vitality champion vita skin capsules skincare supplements. Our vitality champion vita skin capsules include omega oils, which are calming and work to balance your hormones; a major cause of acne.


Daily exfoliation is key to targeting blemishes. It rids your skin of old skin cells and excess dirt, preventing breakouts and reducing the appearance of blackheads. Our RITES power powder exfoliating powder not only smells and feels great, but is rich in antioxidants, is an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, too. Why not treat your face to some much-needed goodness? It’ll thank you for it.

Don’t squeeze

Squeezing creates inflammation or scarring, which draws attention to the zit. It’s tempting to touch your face but putting on our RITES disappearing act spot control gel during your skin care routine is a much better, easier and gentler way to deal with spots. Our spot control gel works to heal, purify and reduce inflammation in the skin. You’ll see a noticeable difference in no time.

Don’t cake on your make-up

Ladies, this one is for you. Make-up is a form of creative expression, and we’re sure you’ve been planning your look for ages. You may even be getting your makeup professionally done – what a treat! It’s important however, to remember that an excess of makeup, especially foundation, can block your pores. Give your skin room to breathe before your matric dance, and when makeup time approaches, make sure to prime your skin with our RITES smart hydrator repair moisturiser. This will protect your skin from the harmful effects wearing makeup can have on the skin. Gents, there is no shame in packing along RITES fresh crusader toner face wipes – to wipe off that shine or excess oils before photographs. Hey! You want to look (and feel) great, too.

Luscious Lips

Ladies, lipstick can dry out your lips and becomes cakey when put onto dry lips. Throw on a smidge of RITES smooth operator lip balm before putting on that Red and remember to pack it alongside your lipstick for reapplication throughout the night. Gents, moisturized lips photograph better – there is no shame in self care and simple hygiene! No one enjoys looking at or having chapped lips. It’s such an easy way to feel great.

Remove your make-up

You need to remove your makeup at the end of the night (and at the end of any night, quite frankly) because it blocks your pores, which leads to breakouts. To avoid this, gently wash off your makeup with our RITES foam fighter foaming face wash. It cleans your skin of makeup and other impurities and boom! You’re ready for a good night sleep – feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Isn’t self-care awesome?


Remember that even after your matric dance, it is still important to take good care of your skin on a regular basis. Matric is full of stressors – let’s not let inflamed, problematic, itchy, oily or dry skin become yet another stress. Prevention is better than a cure and RITES has you equipped for every occasion. Taking pride in your body and looking after yourself becomes a habit – time to glow up and grow up – and RITES will be with you the whole way.

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