Preparing your Skin for your Matric Dance – For the Guys

7 tips for flawless skin:

Okay, gents, your matric dance is coming up. Picture this; you’ve got the suit, the shoes, the car, the date, and a variety of unwelcome visitors that have taken residence on your face. Yup, it’s happened to all of us. Yes, we all get embarrassed about it and yes, we understand that teen acne just ain’t the best for your self-esteem. But get this, great skin is something you can prepare for and in many ways, control. But don’t worry, we keep it simple for you. Gents, read on to see how to get your skin ready for your matric dance. It’s easy, we promise.

Preparation is key

Great skin takes some preparation. But it’s simple; start taking RITES vitality champion vita skin capsules once a day. Since hormones contribute greatly to acne during puberty, you’ve taken an easy step to get your hormones, and your skin under control. Give it a week or two and keep going with it when you see the difference it makes. And that’s it. One easy step done.


If your skin feels a little flakey or dull, give it an occasional exfoliation with our RITES power powder exfoliating powder. It gets rid of those dead skin cells and impurities and makes way for that fresh, clear skin underneath. Not keen? Cleanse your face with our RITES foam fighter foaming face wash instead. Don’t have the time? Simply wipe your face with our RITES fresh crusader toner face wipes. See? Still so, so easy.


Guys, moisturising is a given when it comes to smooth skin. Apply a couple pumps of our RITES control freak spf30 moisturiser in the morning. It’s lightweight, breathable and suitable for oily skin AND it has an spf – protecting your skin from the sun throughout the day. Our spf moisturiser is great for acne prone skin as it is non-comedogenic. Basically, it allows the skin to breathe. Sunscreens that leave a white film on the face can block your pores and exasperate acne! If you’re spending the days indoors or getting ready to jump into bed, opt for the RITES smart hydrator repair moisturiser instead, as it doesn’t contain an spf. Not so hard, is it?

Don’t squeeze

Keep that spot control on hand. Squeezing is tempting, but only damages the skin and leads to swelling and scarring! See a spot? Just dab on our RITES disappearing act spot control gel straight onto it. Our spot control will decrease swelling, cleanse and promote healing to the zit ASAP. It’ll disappear a lot quicker than it would have had you got all touchy with it.

Luscious Lips

Hey man, our RITES smooth operator lip balm will keep your lips feeling fresh throughout the day. Just pop it in your pocket for smooth lips that look, feel, photograph and kiss even better.


Obviously caring for your skin in the long term is a no brainer if you don’t want to wake up feeling self-conscious of the spot your hair just doesn’t quite cover. Hey, imagine doing these small things, and waking up fresh faced and confident. You want that, don’t you? We want that for you, too.

Keep it simple but constant when following these easy steps to clear skin and you’re guaranteed to spend your matric dance feeling absolutely fantastic. That’s, RITE, we’ve done the work and made it easy for you. Now it’s your turn to get started!

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