Will my skin get worse before it gets better?

It is far too easy to browse the internet for the latest beauty fads on how to get clear skin… from making your own DIY products at home to researching some bizarre ingredients that you can’t even pronounce; it can be overwhelming, and in some cases, ineffective! There is no miracle treatment for problematic skin, and you might find that your skin is going to get worse before it gets better. When beginning a new skincare regime, you may experience breakouts or irritation for the first few days of product use.

This is also known as a ‘skin purge’ and is actually beneficial for the skin. Before you have the urge to throw out your new skincare range, persist and follow through because chances are you will have better skin than ever after the flare! Certain acne treatments require an adjustment period before providing the expected results, because of the accelerated exfoliating process. Purging is going to force existing pimples to mature faster and if you have clogged pores they can turn into an active breakout. Think of purging as a ‘detox’ for your skin, puling dirt and toxins out from deep within your pores, cleaning out your skin cells and removing all the bad! Instead of having several pimples over a long period of time, the process is accelerated to achieve clearer skin that lasts!

When you have a break-out you might be tempted to layer your skin with product, but this is counterproductive. Most blemish-busting ingredients are drying to the skin and overusing these ingredients will irritate the skin and strip the skin of essential nutrients; leading to more breakouts. It is important to follow the guidelines on how to use the product, how much of the product to use and how often to use the product. Using the product too often or too much will aggravate and worsen your skin. Respect your skin’s natural balance and give your skin time to heal.

There are also certain ingredients that can flare up acne and will need more time to see results, such as Salicylic & Glycolic Acid. It will bring underlying congestion that was lurking beneath the skin to the surface; expelling debris, excess oil and bacteria that will manifest as blemishes. Once the skin normalizes and brings new healthy clean skin cells to the surface, acne will improve. The time frame of the acne flare will depend on each person, because we are all unique! It can be anywhere from days to weeks, but it is important to continue using the product until the skin normalizes.

Resist the urge to use a ‘lucky-packet’ of products! Use products from the same skincare range because they are formulated to work together to deliver the best results for your skin. This will reduce your risk of skin irritation and will allow the ingredients to target all the signs of problematic skin – oiliness, congestion, breakouts, blackheads, redness, inflammation, sensitivity and bacterial invasion.

Everyone wants clear skin RIGHT NOW, but we advise that you stick to a skincare routine for 3 to 4 months to give products time to work and to see the best results! The purging effect on skin is temporary and once these pimples have cleared up, your skin will look healthier and clearer than ever!

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