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Your 10-minute RITES skincare routine

Your 10-minute RITES skincare routine

Being a teenager can be stressful, so the last thing you need to be worrying about is your skincare regime.

Skincare 101

Skincare 101

Most teenagers are reluctant to follow a good skincare routine and often wait to take care of their skin until a problem shows up – this is not the best approach!

The Active Teen’s Skincare Guide

The Active Teen's Skincare Guide

The sun, pollution in the air, sweat and dirt will wreak havoc on your skin if you do not give it the attention that it needs before and after exercising.

Will my skin get worse before it gets better?

It is far too easy to browse the internet for the latest beauty fads on how to get clear skin… from making your own DIY products at home to researching some bizarre ingredients that you can’t even pronounce; it can be overwhelming, and in some cases, ineffective! There is no miracle treatment for problematic skin,…

Preparing your Skin for your Matric Dance – For the Guys

7 tips for flawless skin: Okay, gents, your matric dance is coming up. Picture this; you’ve got the suit, the shoes, the car, the date, and a variety of unwelcome visitors that have taken residence on your face. Yup, it’s happened to all of us. Yes, we all get embarrassed about it and yes, we…

Preparing your Skin for your Matric Dance

7 tips for flawless skin: Okay, so you’ve spent months preparing for your Big Day. Your matric dance is coming up and you finally get to celebrate! What does this mean – other than the stress of finding a dress or suit, a date… it means that there will be TONS of photographs – and…

The RITE way!

Spots are okay and there definitely is a time and place for medical solutions – but I would love to see kids looking at other solutions first – lifestyle, diet, exercise, hygiene & good thoughts. I assume you saw a gap in the market for a locally developed tween/teen skincare brand? Available teen skincare seems…

Why not to use soap on your skin

Did you know that restoring the pH of your skin will help resolve at least half your skin problems? And that one way to throw your pH out of balance is to use soap on your face? To understand why soap is bad for the skin we need to have a quick look at the…

How dirty hair affects your skin

Has a busy schedule caused you to be a little chill about your hair care…a little too chill, perhaps? Did you know that oily hair = oily skin? And that dirty hair can lead to dirty skin? And we all know what dirty skin means: BREAK OUTS! So read on to see how looking after…

How exercise affects your skin

Here is all you need to know about keeping your skin happy and clear while you break a sweat! Regular exercise is the key to healthy skin. It helps promote good blood circulation to the skin which keeps it healthy and vibrant. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you may need to take extra…